Sunday, 26 August 2018

Colgate oral waste collection competition

Daily Dose of Diving

Well maybe not a daily dose, but we did have a special diving coach come and visit our school to see if he could find future diving stars. He has worked alongside many Olympic athletes and knows a lot about diving. 
Room 8 tried out some jumping, sitting, stretching and bending to see if our bodies could do the same things as future Olympic divers. He then invited everyone to come and join him train at Westwave every week. It is awesome to see so many children sign up, what a fantastic sport. 

Science Galore!

Room 8 have spent the last term learning all about our material world. We have been experimenting, predicting, observing and documenting a range of scientific change. It was so much fun. 

We were lucky enough to join with the rest of Tasman syndicate and participate in an immersion science rotation where we carried out experiments in each class. We made hokey pokey, melted chocolate, dissolved the shell from an egg and made a cloud in a bottle. 

Here are some photos from all of our science fun. 

Our cloud in a bottle experiment 

When we added pressure to isopropyl and then released the pressure it formed a cloud in a bottle. 

Seeing gas turn into a liquid through condensation

The Eggciting Eggsperiment 

We were able to dissolve the shell on an egg using vinegar, the acetic acid in the vinegar reacted with the calcium in the shell which caused the shell to dissolve but left the membrane intact. 

Home made hokey pokey

Our hokey pokey did't quite turn out the way we had hoped, it was a little bit sticky because we didn't want it to burn, luckily Mrs Miller felt sorry for us and our runny hokey pokey, so she made us some at home. It was very sweet!


Oobleck is sticky, messy and a whole lot of fun. Oobleck, or quicksand as it is better known is a funny material because it is both a liquid and a solid. When pressure is applied it becomes a solid but if you touch it softly it is a liquid. 

 Can you pick up a piece of ice with a piece of string and some salt?

the answer is yes, but not if Miss Nisbet tips too much salt on the ice and makes it sink. We learnt that when you put a thin later of salt over the top of a piece of string, the salt melts just the top layer of the ice which the makes the ice stick to the string, just enough to lift it up.